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Complete Systems

Proper watering is an essential element in maintaining the health and beauty of any landscaping project. A professionally installed irrigation system by Allscapes NW can accomplish this automatically while using less water than trying to hand water your yard with a hose.

The addition of min weather stations and rain sensors can provide you with a system that will utilize only the amount of water needed to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant.

Whether installing a system from the ground up or providing a system in an existing landscape, the technicians at Allscapes NW can get the job done quickly and professionally.

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Diagnostics and Repair

Irrigation systems can be a significant investment. Proper care and maintenance is essential to keep it operating at peak performance. The technicians at Allscapes NW can provide anything from simple repairs to full system diagnostics. Allscapes NW also provides winterizations to protect your system from freezing and spring startups to keep your system running smoothly.

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Proper drainage can be the most beneficial, and difficult things to have an maintain, especially here in the Northwest.

If you’re tired of stepping in that same puddle in your driveway, or that that sinkhole in the lawn give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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ECO Friendly

With concerns over the environment, the utilization of low water and environmentally friendly watering systems have taken off in popularity.

Drip systems, micro systems and low flow heads have all proven effective methods of maintaining a healthy landscape while only using the water where you need it. Whether designing and installing a new system or renovating an outdated system, low water irrigation systems are a choice you can feel good about while protecting our most valuable resource.

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